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HELLO FROM DUBLIN [14 Sep 2004|03:18pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hi all. Im in Dublin and thought I would update this incase anyone was looking for info on me! First of all, sorry for not being so good at keeping up with emails...it will get eaisier when I have shcool. Ive got a great flat in city centre and am living with 3 other girls. Its a little international house as we are from America, Australia, France (and the 4th girl hasnt moved in yet but the rumor is she is from germany or japan) Its kind of a strange house, but will be fun, its in a very lively neighborhood.

If you feel so inclined to send me a proper letter, email me and I'll send you the address.

So yeah, things are really great here, and I am loving it! I miss everyone in the states though, so come and visit!


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Oxfam in the movies! [11 Aug 2004|02:07pm]
[ mood | working ]

Oxfam was mentioned in the movie Collateral featuring Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, and Jada Pinkett-Smith. During a scene in the cab, Tom Cruise’s character, Vincent tries to reason with Jamie Foxx’s character, Max, a cab driver, about the crimes he is committing. He justifies his actions to Max by comparing Rwandan villagers who were slaughtered to his one take down of a known criminal and how our Western lack of physical reaction to the news of tens of thousands being wiped out in other countries makes us a form of hypocrite. This is where he mentions Oxfam as a relief or help organization.


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Summer Olympics Almost Here! [10 Aug 2004|11:15pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Athens Olympics opening ceremonies are Friday! I cant wait. There's nothing I love more than the Olympics (except for Basketball and soccer, both of which are featured in the summer Os.) Yay! I'm so excited...and not the least because I am also terribly in love with Bob Costas. I cant explain it, but he's dreamy. Lil, lets watch and chat at the same time...you can keep me from crying.

Anyhow, the Olympics brings me to an important subject. Sweatshop labor. Check this out:

Take action now and tell the sportswear industry to respect workers rights!!!!!

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How to talk to me in Dublin [08 Aug 2004|02:39pm]
This is my Mobile # in Ireland. You should be able to text for free (but check you plan)Feel free to call to, but its kinda pricey.

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A song in my head. [06 Aug 2004|02:29pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

This is just a quote that has been floating around in my head from my favorite Belle&Seb song.

"Color my life with chaos and trouble. Cause anythings better than posh isolation."

Thats it. There. I posted something in my journal.

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Yay Oxfam! [21 May 2004|04:20pm]
[ mood | cold ]

This is so great! Can't wait for the Community Organizers to come on board! :)

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